Technical Writer

This role is remote and location agnostic. Full time or paid via grant.

The Tech Writers sit in between the developers and the rest of the world. Their main task is to translate technical speech into human language for a range of audiences, both inside and outside the company.

At Flare, interacting with the developers and understanding the technology is done mostly by the Head of Documentation, who then teaches the writing team. The writers, in turn, produce the following types of documents, to be consumed by other employees and external users:

  • Theoretical descriptions about how each piece of the technology works, including diagrams and glossaries.
  • User manuals teaching users how to use certain applications, including screenshots and step-by-step guides (non-tech-savvy audience).
  • How-To guides for infrastructure owners to deploy different types of nodes, including console commands and configuration files (tech-savvy audience).
  • Developer tutorials, including example source code, explaining how to solve different use cases (developer audience).

No writer is expected to be able to write all kinds of content. We aim to create a team with complementary abilities, with members that can help teach each other.


  • Good communication skills: Able to explain complex topics and make them understandable to different audiences.
  • Good technical competence: You must know what you are talking about, and it must show in your work. You don’t use empty buzzwords: if you don’t know something, you ask, learn, and don’t start writing until you understand the topic.
  • Interest in blockchain technology and related topics like cryptocurrencies, finance, Web3 and decentralization.
  • Excellent written English skills.

How to be a stand-out candidate:

  • You have written technical documents for blockchain protocols.
  • You have written technical documents for a software company.
  • You have open-source experience (git, GitHub).
  • You have worked as a Software Engineer or have completed academic studies into software engineering, ideally within Blockchain.
  • You have experience with Solidity, Typescript, and/or Golang.
  • You have worked in start-ups or early-stage products moving from MVP to deployment.
  • You have experience working with cross-functional teams including designers, researchers, and engineers.
  • You have experience with automated documentation pipelines (Markdown, mkdocs, GitHub Actions, Netlify)
  • You are autonomous in your work. You understand the end goals and the strategy to reach them.
  • Native English language is a bonus.

We ask that you overlap some working hours with GMT. English is essential, other languages are a bonus. Full time or grants-based arrangement possible.

Please get in touch asap if you are interested in discussing this role. Email: [email protected]

Further information:

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Tech docs (only 5% complete so is WIP)

Discord - over 36k members (almost doubled in the last couple of weeks)

Twitter - 215,000 followers



Songbird Explorer - over 370k wallets

Flare Explorer - network is in observation mode until September (millions of unique wallets expected after the token distribution event)

Recent press:

Flare Network genesis

Flare Receives Algorand Foundation SupaGrant to develop Bitcoin bridge

The State Connector is live on Songbird

Why consider Flare Network?

- Backed by the best-investors within Web3 and experiencing hyper-growth (45k+ native wallet installs and over 340 validators / data providers applied to be whitelisted within weeks of launching the canary network Songbird.

- September 17th 2021, Flare Network launched the canary network Songbird, followed by genesis of Flare main network on July 14th 2022.

- Flare has launched the first consensus protocol for external data, the State Connector. Decentralized applications on Flare can therefore trustlessly acquire and use information from other blockchains and real world data sources, solving the oracle problem and opening the door to a new era of utility:

         >> Flare’s Fast, decentralized and fully-insured LayerCake bridges will connect smart contract chains multilaterally, unifying rather than fragmenting liquidity.

         >> Non-smart contract assets such as BTC, XRP and DOGE can be brought on to Flare as FAssets, and put to work earning yield in DeFi.

         >> Full cross-chain composability enables decentralized applications to use the value, liquidity and information of multiple blockchains via a single deployment on Flare.

         >> Seamless decentralized integration with Web2 data powers trustless use of real world data sources in Web3 dapps.

- Built for universal connectivity - Flare solves many of the interoperability issues facing blockchain today, enabling assets and information to flow freely and safely between blockchains and from Web2 to Web3.

- Solving for price - Many supposed decentralized systems still rely on centralized price feeds from a single source. The Flare Time Series Oracle leverages the distributed structure of the network to provide reliable, decentralized price data to dapps on Flare.

- True trustless interoperability - Both the State Connector and Flare Time Series Oracle have been designed with decentralization at their core, incentivizing independent third parties, separate to Flare, to support the network with the reliable provision of data.

- Scalable multilateral bridges - Flare requires just 101 smart contracts to connect 100 different blockchains, instead of needing 4,950 individual bridges.

- Bridges that unify, rather than fragment liquidity - No matter the origin chain, the destination token is the same, so ETH bridged to Solana will always give you Solana-ETH, whether it was bridged from Harmony, Near, or any other chain.

- Fast, low fee and low carbon - Flare's next generation technology brings fast, secure and efficient transactions with very low gas fees and a small carbon footprint.

- Expert development team - Featuring experts from the worlds of electronic engineering, distributed systems, quantum computing, mathematics, computer science, quantitative finance, risk management and marketing.

Please get in touch asap if you are interested in discussing this role. Email: [email protected]