A visual guide to claiming Spark (FLR)

A visual guide to claiming Spark (FLR)

The information contained in this post was part of our development process but is no longer accurate. The native token is now called Flare (FLR), not Spark. Please also see the recent governance proposal post for the latest details on FLR token distribution.

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Snapshot date:
Specifically the first finalised XRP Ledger on Dec 12 using UTC time.
This date fixes all the XRP balances to each account. The amount of Spark you can claim depends ONLY on your XRP balance at the time of the snapshot.
It is important that you make sure if you want to claim Spark that your XRP is in the right place. See decision tree above.

Self Custody Claim deadline:
11th June 2021
This is the deadline by which self custody XRP holders can claim Spark.

Distribution Date:
When the Flare Network goes live. Expected Q1-Q2 2021.

Important Links:
Supporting exchanges: https://flare.xyz/supporting-exchanges/

Supporting Wallets: https://flare.xyz/supporting-wallets/

Self custody claims guides:
XRP Toolkit:https://docs.xrptoolkit.com/claim-spark-tokens


Your wallet provider may also have put out their own claim instructions.

Claim FAQs:


Distribution Schedule:


Receiving the Spark token into your self custody wallet:

This will be covered in a later post.