Build for multiple ecosystems with a single deployment

Build for multiple ecosystems with a single deployment

Flare presents developers with a simple and coherent stack for interoperability.

Better bridges

Flare’s State Connector is a new and foundational technology that makes it possible to build secure decentralized bridges between any two chains:

> Decentralized bridging of non-smart contract chains onto Flare - FAssets.

> Fast, decentralized, insured & multilateral bridging between smart contract chains, including bridging of FAssets onto other chains - Layer Cake.

Map of the three types of decentralized bridging enabled by Flare

Layer Cake

Layer Cake is a material advance in the security, speed and scalability of bridging between smart contract networks, addressing the core vulnerabilities of existing approaches and handling the risk of crossing zones of sovereignty. Layer Cake also enables the bridging of FAssets to other chains.

> Fast, decentralized, multilateral and insured bridging for smart contract tokens.

> Zero user collateral bridging of any asset to Flare or between any set of connected smart contract networks.

> Bridges are multilateral rather than bilateral, which unifies rather than fragments liquidity.


FAssets will enable holders of a wide variety of non-smart contract tokens to use them on the Flare network. They can be put to work in decentralized applications on Flare, or bridged onwards using Layer Cake.

> Decentralized bridging of non-smart contract tokens onto Flare.

> Non-smart contract tokens account for 70% of the total value of blockchain.

> Bridging these tokens onto Flare enables DeFi, NFT and Metaverse use cases.

Cross-Chain Composability

Developers can build interoperable dapps that can access the value, liquidity and information of multiple blockchains through a single deployment on Flare.

This is made possible by Flare's State Connector, which is the first consensus protocol purpose built for external blockchain data. It is able to securely prove the state of other blockchains in a decentralized manner, and provide that data to dapps on Flare.

For example, the State Connector can prove whether a specific lock, mint, burn or redeem action has happened on the Solana or Ethereum network and trustlessly provide that information to a smart contract on Flare in order to automatically initiate a pre-defined action.

It’s faster and safer than existing approaches, such as light client relays, optimistic relay and multi-sig schemes, and has been designed to integrate with any other blockchain.

Further, the State Connector also enables a model of staked relay of data between multiple chains, including Flare, which powers secure two way interoperability across a network of chains. Instead of relying on governance, relay secured by the State Connector will have automated slashing of faulty relay nodes through the State Connector’s ability to prove what any node has relayed to another chain.

Dapps on Flare can access the value information and liquidity of multiple chains like BTC, XRP, ETH, DOGE, ADA and SOL.

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