Connect Everything

Flare is a new blockchain which enables secure universal interoperability between chains - scaling the use of blockchain by enabling all digital assets and onchain information to flow freely. This is cross-chain interoperability with the security of multi-chain.

Build for multiple chains with a single deployment

Developers will be able to build truly interoperable dApps that access the value, information and liquidity of multiple chains with a single deployment on Flare.

Developer friendly

Flare includes an industry standard Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which makes for easy porting of ETH tooling, and simple coding using Solidity. Any existing dApp developed for EVM can be very easily launched on Flare.

Capture the state of any open system

The State Connector is a new core Web3 protocol that allows the state of any open system, whether blockchain or non-blockchain, to be proven to smart contracts on Flare. Supported by decentralized attestation providers, the State Connector is both faster and safer than any existing solutions.

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Flare Rollout Process

We will validate each of the core Flare protocols on the Songbird canary network before launching Flare. The FTSO has been live on Songbird since September 2021, and the State Connector since March 2022.

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Build truly interoperable dApps

State, price and information relay allows dApps to be built that coordinate users’ actions across any set of connected chains. Flare uses this to develop the FAsset and LayerCake bridges. What will you build?


Two-thirds of the value of all blockchains is currently held in non-smart contract chains which cannot participate in dApps, DeFi, NFTs and more. With FAssets, Flare will bring smart contracts to connected chains, unlocking this value, and welcoming these communities into the decentralized economy.


LayerCake is a secure and scalable cross-chain protocol that solves some of the biggest problems inherent in bridging. It leverages Flare to safely and trustlessly bridge assets between any two smart contract L1s. LayerCake also enables FAssets to flow to any other smart contract chain.

Fast, low carbon and low fee

Flare’s consensus mechanism avoids the energy inefficiency and value-scaling challenges of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake - meaning you get fast, secure and efficient transactions with very low gas fees.